Podcast Episode #0327
Published by 18 March 2013, 7:01 PM EDT

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is simultaneously “done” and still a few weeks away! Preview screenings have started, which in turn means — at least for those of us who cannot sleep without knowing every single detail — the entirety of the plot and the movie’s secrets are out there. While we still want to wait to go see the movie for ourselves 30 March 2013, we also wanted to dive into “spoilerific” material for the rest of you crazy folks, so we took it upon ourselves to do the math and figure out in exactly which Age the movie could (at least theoretically) take place. For the rest of you that are not quite ready to head into movie-spoiler territory, we also have some early impressions on Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission for the Japanese Nintendo 3DS.

Episode #0327! VegettoEX, Hujio, and Julian dive head-first into “Battle of Gods” and do the math in ways that perhaps even the movie’s producers could not do: in which Age would this movie take place along the main timeline? Those wishing to avoid spoilers for a little while longer can still tune in for our early impressions on “Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” for the Japanese Nintendo 3DS with Herms!


Enjoy! Discuss this episode on the Kanzenshuu forum.

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