Podcast Episode #0328
Published by 30 March 2013, 9:52 PM EDT

It may have shifted to a brand new day over in Japan, but for the rest of us slumming it up without the movie, it is still technically Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods day…! We have been bringing you news, photos, and more since its debut this past morning, and we are not done just quite yet: it’s podcast time!

Episode #0328! Julian makes the entire English-speaking world jealous with his tales of checking out the new film “Battle of Gods” on its opening day in Japan. Does the movie hold up its end of the bargain with a proper mix of nostalgia all wrapped up in comedy and action? A recap of news leading up to the movie, information that helps set the stage, and more brings it all home with VegettoEX and Hujio!


Enjoy! Discuss this episode over on the Kanzenshuu forum.

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