“Battle of Z” (360/PS3/Vita) JP & EU Reveals
Published by 21 June 2013, 8:08 AM EDT

With today’s release of the August 2013 issue of V-Jump in Japan officially revealing Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Vita, Namco-Bandai is pulling out all the promotional stops to get fans hyped for the next big game.

A teaser website — with both Japanese and English options — has been rolled out that features the first promotional video for the game (also available in both Japanese and English).

The trailer, in addition to promoting all of the game elements mentioned in the V-Jump debut (team battles, eight players total, online matches, giant bosses) reveals Artdink as the game’s developer, a newcomer for the franchise.

With the teaser site available in English, it comes as no surprise to see a western release already confirmed… at least for Europe! In addition to removing the region-locked restriction on their official Dragon Ball Z video games Facebook page, Namco-Bandai EU issued a formal press release announcing the game:

DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF Z prepares to Ki Blast into Europe with all-new team melee action

June 21, 2013
NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe announces the latest title in the all-powerful Dragon Ball video game saga, coming to PlayStation®3, PS®Vita and Xbox 360®

Europe’s legions of Kamehameha devotees have something special to look forward to: NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe is preparing to bring team melee battler Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z to these shores for PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita and Xbox 360®.

Are you a team player with the crazy skills and cool composure needed to triumph in massive cooperative battles? If this sounds like you, then Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has just what you need, with revolutionary team battling for up to 4 players together in cooperative play against a host of fearsome opponents or in a giant 8-player battle royale. Found his weak point? Push your advantage and take him down together in a flurry of fur!

“The Dragon Ball games continue to thrill fans across Europe, and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z brings some very exciting new features to the series,” said Olivier Comte, Senior Vice President, NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe. “The large scale cooperative team melee battles are like nothing players have seen before in a Dragon Ball game. Fans can’t afford to miss it.”

With four different battle types, breath-taking visuals faithful to the inimitable Dragon Ball universe, plus full-featured solo play for those days when you want to bathe in the glory alone, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z represents the next essential evolutionary phase in the illustrious history of the franchise. Appearances from Special Force and Super Saiyan GOD are the icing on the cake of this irresistible recipe for ki chaos on the ground and in the air. Prepare your battle cry!

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is coming soon to Europe. For the latest news and updates, join the DBZ family at

Battle of Z will no doubt also make its way to North America, so stay tuned (hopefully today!) as the rest of us all wake up to digest and spread the news.

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  • thunderpx says:

    I’m a bit on the fence on this so far, but kudos to Namco-Bandai for getting so much out so quickly!

    I’m pleased that they’re finally ditching Spike, but I’m not entirely sure if the problems I had with their games have been fixed here. I’d have to play it myself, I guess. The team battles look amazingly fun, but there are a couple snippets of footage where it seems like the “impactlessness” of the characters is still a problem, like this one shot where a couple of the Z-warriors are ganging up on Nappa. His reaction to their hits is barely existant and doesn’t really correspond to their blows properly, which is something that really bugged me in the Spike games. It just doesn’t feel stimulating, which was compounded with the horribly simple control scheme to make a pretty dull game. Hell, in Raging Blast 2 you didn’t even press any buttons to do special moves, just wiggle the right stick.

  • jonjon says:

    I would consider this depending on how the game play is.

    Online play with my friends against bosses would be a lot of fun, but there needs to be a lot of replay value.

  • ea575 says:

    I agree with thunderpx. The gameplay feels Spike-esque, even if it’s from another developer. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • kakarot88 says:

    I was hoping to see something like super smash bros. gameplay

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