Mayumi Tanaka Confirms More Voice Recording in Blog Post
Published by 25 October 2013, 3:22 PM EDT

In a blog post from today, Mayumi Tanaka (the voice actress for Kuririn) noted that she is continuing with some sort of Dragon Ball voice recording, having recently done so with Masako Nozawa (Son Goku, et al.) as well as Yūji Mitsuya (Kaiōshin).


Dragon Ball recording day!
It was Masako Nozawa-san’s birthday.
Yūji Mitsuya-san, who celebrated his pre-kanroku [i.e., 59th birthday] just last week,
misunderstood and celebrated too.

Happy birthday, Mako-san!

The group of actors and actresses gathered to celebrate Nozawa’s 77th birthday, which is today, 25 October.


Also pictured alongside some of the main cast which most heavily point toward additional Kai recordings are Unshō Ishizuka (who took over the role of Mr. Satan after Daisuke Gōri’s unfortunate passing), Kōzō Shioya (the voice of Majin Boo), Yūji Mitsuya (voice of Kaiōshin) and Yukio Nagasaki (sound director from Dragon Ball Kai).

Almost a full year ago, Tanaka let it slip on her blog that the Japanese cast had begun recording again for Dragon Ball Kai, the refreshed version of the original Dragon Ball Z TV series produced for its 20th anniversary in 2009. Perhaps the most important detail from her post was that the continued production into the Majin Boo story arc was specifically for international audiences, and would not be aired within Japan.

Back at Otakon 2010, Kanzenshuu asked Mitsuya if he was planning on returning as the voice of Kaiōshin for Dragon Ball Kai (which, at the time, had not shown any signs of an upcoming/premature conclusion). Mitsuya specifically noted he was not sure if the production staff would be able to afford him, and that he would even be willing to take a reduced pay in order to carry on the role. He did reprise his role for a brief part in the 2013 movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, but the status of his involvement with Dragon Ball Kai has been unclear.

Dragon Ball Kai came to a close on Japanese television in March 2011 with the conclusion of the Cell story arc. The “final” and 98th episode was relegated to a bonus home video inclusion in Japan, having been preempted by coverage of the tsunami/earthquake disaster and the television debut of Toriko already announced for its time slot beginning in April.

Since then, various members of production staff teams from both sides of the ocean have indirectly and directly acknowledged the continued production of the show, though no true “official” announcement of its continuation has been made.

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