“Victory Mission” Chapter 17 in March 2014 V-Jump
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The March 2014 issue of V-Jump in Japan, released this week on 21 January 2014, contains the latest (and longest-ever!) monthly chapter of Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission by “Toyotarō“.


In the 16-page Mission 17: “Disciples of Evil” (邪悪の使徒 Ja’aku no Shito), Beat and Note lay waste to General Blue and the guard robot from the pirate base, but it is quickly revealed to be a simulation observed by the others. Yoshito-kun and Momo-chan are impressed by how accustomed they have become to the system, while Beat feels like he is very close to getting a handle on something. Unfortunately, as Kagyu observes, all they can do is run simulations and wait until the Dragon Orb reacts.

As though on cue, the Dragon Orb suddenly goes off. Tsubasa raises it to the view screen, which reveals five points across the globe. Yoshito-kun wonders if the three kidnapped competitors are somewhere among these locations. Tsubasa thinks so. Yoshito-kun recommends that they all go around to each spot as a group, even though it will take time, but Froze refuses: they do not have that kind of time. Tsubasa nervously confirms that this may indeed be the case. Note then suggests that the five of them split up and go to each location individually. Yoshito-kun does not think that is a good idea, but Froze points out that it is their only choice.

Kagyu says to leave it to him; with the Hero Badges given to them by Yoshito-kun, they will be able to communicate from the other Battlefields, and with the Network Matching system, they will be able to rush to one another’s location if need be. Note says not to worry, since the five of them have never known defeat in their simulations, and–… Beat points out that one of them has not come back from his simulation yet. Kabra has lost, again, to the Pilaf Machine. He suddenly notices everyone watching him, and reacts cluelessly to their less-than-pleased expressions.

With that, Tsubasa prepares to send them each off to a different Age, where an Evil Dragon may be waiting for them! Defeating the Evil Dragons would be the ideal, but their mission’s priority for now is to rescue Nym, Nico, and Genom! Yoshito-kun gives them extra Badges if they should find one of the three, since they are fellow Heroes. With that, the Time-Space Transfer Apparatus is activated, and the five of them are off. Just as Beat is about to teleport off, however, a Capsule is now ready, so Tsubasa quickly tosses it to Beat. Yoshito-kun and Momo-chan are puzzled.

Beat arrives at the Battlefield, and is caught off-guard at it being over the ocean, barely avoiding plunging into the water below. He is immediately greeted by Nym, who appears behind him. Beat explains that he has come to rescue him, and that they should come back, but Nym does not understand why he should need rescuing. That wasn’t an Evil Dragon; it was Shenlong! The one who gave him his power was the Six-Star Shenlong! At this, the cracked Dragon Ball in his forehead reflects an image of Liu Xing Long. As Beat recoils in shock, Nym sends out his cards, and demands that Beat take out his deck, as well. He will lose if he goes it alone!

Elsewhere, Kabra and Abra arrive at a desolate Battlefield, scarred as though it has already seen a great battle. As Kabra wonders to himself where he is, a Berserker Majin-type Hero Avatar appears and tells him it’s the Kaiōshin Realm of long ago. The Avatar introduces himself as Salaga [presumably a reference to “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” from Disney’s Cinderella], and says that he must be… No-Bra, was it? Kabra angrily corrects him. Salaga asks him if he likes the place, but Kabra just wants to know why it is so beat-up if it is really the Kaiōshin Realm. Salaga is surprised he, a Majin user, does not know: this was the place where, long ago, the Kaiōshin fought with Majin Boo — and lost. In other words, it is like the place where Majin began. The perfect Age for two Majin Avatars to fight it out….

Kabra (and Abra) has no interest in fighting, since this is not really the time with everything that is going on. Abra recommends that Salaga go home, but he has no intention of doing so. As Abra chastises Kabra for slipping into an “I-want-to-go-home” rant, Salaga bring out his cards: three incarnations of Majin Boo, and Piccolo. His headpiece then breaks to reveal the cracked Three-Star Ball, as it dawns on both Abra and Kabra that he is evil. Abra’s banter from inside Kabra’s headpiece has not escaped Salaga’s notice, and he correctly identifies the “cat” as a Neko Majin. Abra retreats inside, as Salaga laughs maniacally.

As the battle between Beat and Nym unfolds, Beat is trying to convince Nym that they should not fight, while Nym is annoyed at Beat’s unwillingness and decides to bring out No. 13 to finish him off. Just then, Momo-chan contacts Beat to let him know that the same ki as the Evil Dragons is overflowing from Nym. He might be under the Dragon’s control! Yoshito-kun says that the badge he gave Beat will allow him to speak directly to Nym’s mind, so he needs to get the badge on Nym to drive out the Dragon! But that is easier said than done… Tsubasa thinks they will have to aim for the instant after he is defeated, when he has depleted his ki.

Seeing he has no choice, Beat resigns himself to fighting and holds out the capsule Tsubasa gave to him before, just as Nym activates Card Action Ability: Double to attack in tandem with No. 13. At Tsubasa’s signal, Beat activates the capsule just as Nym and No. 13 reach their target. There is a powerful explosion, and when the smoke clears, No. 13 has punched through Beat! Momo-chan screams, and Nym seems amused at Beat’s quick death. However, Tsubasa urges them to look closer: it is only Beat’s clothes!

Just then, a huge column of water erupts from the sea, with Beat silhouetted inside. Beat has made his decision: if Nym wants to fight that badly, then a fight is what he will get! GT Gohan, Adult Gotenks, Super Saiyan 4 Goku, and Super Saiyan 2 Bardock emerge from the water in front of Beat. Nym is pleased that Beat is now ready to fight, while Beat tells him not to understand: he is here to save him. But as the column of water recedes, Nym is shocked at Beat’s (unseen) new appearance. If that is what it takes in order to wake him up, then Beat is going to defeat him!


The latest chapter has been catalogued on the respective page (which is still soon due for a major expansion…!) of our “Spin-Off Manga” guide page.

The March 2014 issue of V-Jump is packed with additional Dragon Ball news and is available for purchase from CDJapanPlay-Asia, and Amazon Japan for an MSRP of ¥530.

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