“Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z” Japanese 2nd Week Sales Figures
Published by 06 February 2014, 11:12 AM EST

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z managed to remain on the charts for its second week in Japan, though it suffered a pretty heavy drop.


According to the Media Create sales list for the reporting period of 27 January 2014 to 02 February 2014, the game (released 23 January 2014) pushed another 7,910 copies on the PlayStation 3, bringing that platform’s total to 38,102 copies.

Though the Media Create list did not include the Vita version, the Famitsu sales list pegged the PS3 version at 8,435 copies in its second week and the portable version at another 5,752 copies for its own platform total of 26,813 copies.

The Japanese Xbox 360 version did not appear on either sales list last week, and — understandably so — does not appear this week either.

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