“Dragon Ball Capsule R” Majin Boo Arc Figures in June 2014
Published by 21 February 2014, 9:24 AM EST

Megahouse has been reviving older figures under the “Capsule R” line in Japan for quite some time, most notably back in early 2013 to tie-in with the impending theatrical release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

The latest line to be revealed comes under the “Astonishing Majin Boo Arc” (驚愕の魔人ブウ編 Kyōgaku no Majin Bū-hen) title:


The figures, each pulling their naming inspiration from Dragon Ball Z episode titles during the Majin Boo arc, include:

  • 未来をつかめ (Mirai o Tsukame / Seize the Future)
    Son Goku powering up into Super Saiyan 3
  • 壮絶パワー!!究極を超えるベジット (Sōzetsu Pawā! ! Kyūkyoku o Koeru Bejitto / Magnificent Power!! Vegetto Surpasses the Ultimate)
    Super Vegetto using his ki sword against Pure Evil Majin Boo
  • でっかい希望!フュージョン (Dekkai Kibō! Fu~yūjon / Enormous Hope! Fusion)
    Son Goku and Piccolo demonstrating the fusion dance
  • 破壊王子ベジータ復活!! (Hakai Ōji Bejīta Fukkatsu! ! / Vegeta, the Prince of Destruction, is Revived!!)
    Majin Vegeta destroying the Tenka’ichi Budōkai stands
  • 最終兵器始動 (Saishū Heiki Shidō / The Final Weapon is Engaged)
    Mr. Satan bathing his new friend Majin Boo
  • ブウの中のブウとブウ (Bū no Naka no Bū to Bū / Boo and Boo Inside Boo)
    Son Goku and Vegeta split back apart inside the body of Pure Evil Majin Boo
  • 超ゴテンクス3 (Chō Gotenkusu 3 / Super Gotenks 3)
    Gotenks, the fusion of Son Goten and Trunks, demonstrating his Super Saiyan 3 transformation

As with the previous “Capsule R” lines, each capsule contains a piece that can be added together to form one final figure: Bobbidi with his minions Demon King Dabra and Pui-Pui.

A seven-pack is available for ¥5,670 MSRP from CDJapan — be sure to note that although there are seven distinct pieces and seven come in each pack for sale, you are not guaranteed to receive each individual figure in your pack. Pre-orders officially open today with a deadline of 30 March 2014. The figures will officially release in June.

The release of these figures is clearly timed with the upcoming continuation of Dragon Ball Kai into the Majin Boo story arc beginning this April in Japan.

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