FUNimation DBZ TV Blu-ray Seasons 4-6 Cover Art Sketches
Published by 14 March 2014, 1:52 PM EDT

At the end of last year, FUNimation revealed the original sketches used to create the cover art for their latest Blu-ray release of the Dragon Ball Z TV series in an exclusive community Q&A here on Kanzenshuu. This time around, the company is using the next batch of three sketches on their own Facebook page to promote the upcoming material:

The company has promised the full-color, finalized versions for a 19 March 2014 reveal.

The third Blu-ray “season” release is due out 01 April 2014 here in North America with the fourth set pegged for 13 May 2014.

Thanks to Vash1306 for the heads-up!

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