“Battle of Gods” North American Debut Coverage
Published by 04 July 2014, 9:21 PM EDT

While the staff here at Kanzenshuu unfortunately could not personally make it out to California for the event, we have a great group of friends that were able to help coordinate a whole bunch of excellent coverage from the North American debut for the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Before the evening’s festivities kicked off, we did have a chance in-house to talk with FUNimation voice actors and directors Sean Schemmel, Christopher Sabat, and Justin Cook about the movie itself, its themes, some of the casting choices, and much more. Give the interview a listen via Episode #0364 of our podcast, released earlier this evening.


Our buddies Josh and Ryan served as our correspondents at FUNimation’s “red carpet” event leading up to the debut of the film’s English dub last night. Check out their great recap video showcasing some of the arrivals, another quick interview segment with Christopher Sabat, and some of the fans cosplaying it up in anticipation of the film.

While the film has made its way to theaters and even home video releases across much of the rest of the globe already, this formally kicks off its North American release. Look for a limited theatrical run from 05 August 2014 to 09 August 2014. More and more theaters and showtimes are being added constantly, so be sure to check back and stay tuned to your local theaters!

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  • DerekPadula says:

    Loved the interview, Mike. Congrats on speaking with Sean, Chris, and Justin. Their insights into the series have grown so much over the years, and it’s clear that they are fans of DBZ just like the rest of us.

    I enjoyed hearing from Josh and listening to his experiences at the red carpet premiere. It sounds like everyone who was there was excited to be there. That feeling comes through in his words and it makes the experience come alive for me. It’s like being there in person.

    I appreciate that you worked so hard on this and coordinated your efforts together so well. Even more so that you published this the day after the premiere, even though it is a holiday. Listening to this was a perfect way to end my day. It was even better than the fireworks!

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