“Dragon Ball SD” Volume 3 Coming in December 2014
Published by 21 November 2014, 2:52 PM EST

A full year went by between the first and second collected volumes of Dragon Ball SD, the slightly-more-slapticky manga retelling of the series from Naho Ooishi published within each issue of Saikyō Jump. Volume 2 hit physical shelves this past April, followed by a slightly-delayed digital release in July.

A third volume has already been announced for release, and it is coming sooner than one might think, hitting shelves 04 December 2014 for ¥571 + tax.

There is certainly enough content to compile, but only just barely: this third volume should pick up with the 19th monthly chapter, and if it contains nine chapters (a la the first two volumes), that puts us with only six more monthly chapters that would be as-of-yet unpublished. The standard 192 pages are listed on Shueisha’s website. The volume is available for pre-order at CDJapan.

Saikyō Jump seems to have hit a rocky patch recently, jumping to a bi-monthly release with no prior announcement to the September 2014 issue actually being released and spilling the details in a small splash in the back of the magazine. Ooishi had been working on twelve spine images to last the entire year of the magazine, though the bi-monthly release means these will not all be used.

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