Podcast Episode #0372
Published by 22 January 2015, 8:17 PM EST

As each new year begins, we like to take a look back at some of the biggest stories to hit Dragon Ball fandom that prior year, pick out some of our own favorites, and make predictions for the new year. Part of that ritual is also checking in on the predictions we made the year before and seeing — at least in this year’s case! — how amazingly psychic we are.

Or, well, at least how we have been doing this long enough to be able to somewhat read the market!

What do you all see coming our way in 2015? Give the show a listen and let us know!

Episode #0372! VegettoEX and Julian discuss the top Dragon Ball news stories from 2014, along with a couple of their own picks. How did we do with our predictions from last year, and what do we see on the horizon for 2015?


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(Please note that we have a bit of a curse: whenever it’s Julian’s turn to give predictions, something invariably happens with his audio. It was completely inaudible during recording, but a bit of a clicking affects a small portion of the show. It corrects itself, incidentally enough, right when he’s done with those predictions. Those responsible for the error have been sacked!)

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  • Super Sayian Prime says:

    My 2015 predictions:

    – A Dragon Ball Z home console (that may appear on PS Vita as well) game will be announced this year. However, it won’t be Xenoverse 2, but instead either a followup to Battle of Z or finally a port of Zenkai Battle Royale.

    – Revival of F will hit certain international markets in 2015, but North America won’t be one. Because “Revival of F” is deemed too subtle for western markets, it will be renamed “THE REVIVAL OF FREEZA.”

    – Some Dragon Ball merchandise will do Freeza related things that include Chilled because he is a character that exists.

    – Tarble is on screen for a brief moment in RoF.

    – Funimation releases Dragon Ball movies on Blu-Ray.

    – The Ocean dub of Kai continues to be unseen.

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