Podcast Episode #0376
Published by 17 March 2015, 6:58 AM EDT

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE has been out worldwide on all platforms for a bit now, so it is time to start serving up some verdicts! Join Mike (VegettoEX) and Kirran (LordMoonstone) this week for excitement about FUNimation’s license of the 2015 Dragon Ball Z film as well as an in-depth look at the fighting/role-playing extravaganza of a game that is XENOVERSE…!


Episode #0376! VegettoEX and LordMoonstone review “Dragon Ball XENOVERSE”. With a new story taking elements from the MMORPG “Dragon Ball Online” and transporting them into a fighting game, what kind of weird monster of a game do we have here? What kind of longevity will it have, and what should we expect in the future? Tune in for some excitement over FUNimation’s “Resurrection ‘F'” license along with more “XENOVERSE” and “Dragon Ball Kai” news!


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