Podcast Episode #0399
Published by 20 March 2016, 4:44 PM EDT

English adaptations of Dragon Ball are littered with untranslated names, titles, and phrases: Kai, Baba, Senzu, Roshi, and even Majin, just to name a few. In each case, these words have perfectly fine equivalents in English. For “Majin” in particular (and even more specifically, with regard to “Majin Boo”), why is it that we rarely seem to get a translation? Or do we often get it translated, unbeknownst to the viewer or reader…?


Episode #0399! VegettoEX and Herms break down “Majin” and the various ways it has been translated into English for the Dragon Ball franchise over the last several decades. Though we have gotten monster to genie to djinn and everywhere in between, most fans seem to stick with the untranslated phrase. Why is that, and if we were to operate in a bubble with a new translation, where might we take it?


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