Kanzenshuu Staff & Project Expansions: New Site Contributors
Published by 01 April 2018, 4:14 PM EDT

Since the earliest days of Daizenshuu EX and Kanzentai (and all incarnations before them), we have always depended upon and valued our community’s involvement. That being said, with very few exceptions, every single aspect of maintaining Kanzenshuu has ultimately been the overall responsibility of just four people. From the news coverage, to the extensive documentation in our guides, to the translation archives, to the podcast production, to the forum management, to the backend/core development, and everything in between, Mike, Heath, Julian, and Jake take care of it all. Kanzenshuu is a side-project for us, and while it is something we could not possibly be more proud of in its current state, we always want to push further and do more.

It is no secret that we have numerous projects in the works and a never-ending supply of material we want to document, archive, and share. The pile of ancient magazines with as-of-yet untranslated Akira Toriyama interviews grows by the day. The wiki exists in a constant state of overhaul and reconstruction, with promises of a launch as honest as ever, yet hilariously impossible to prove. The podcast continues to share some of the best information and reviews out there, but misses more weeks than we would like.

For the first time ever outside our core quartet here on Kanzenshuu, we are formally bringing on a little help.

Production Documentation: Ajay
Originally joining our forum community in 2013, Ajay (@AnimeAjay) quickly became a great friend of the site, as well as a well-versed authority on the production process and going-ons as Dragon Ball Super ran through to completion. In 2016, Ajay took on a bit of formal responsibility as a new moderator on our forum. Alongside that existing role, Ajay will work with us throughout the “Production Guide” and various episode pages to cite concrete, verifiable information about specific animators, production anecdotes, and more.

Translation: Stacey
Stacey (@sailorspazz) has been a friend of the site since before Kanzenshuu itself was even a twinkle in our collective eye! Stacey is certified at the N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), and along with the occasional day-to-day news coverage assistance, will dive into our archives to help share even more interviews and articles that have yet to be translated. There are very few people whose language and translation proficiency we have full confidence in to live up to our completely unreasonable standards, and with the addition of Stacey to our extended family, they all work on Kanzenshuu.

Wiki Management: Emma & Terez
Emma (@EmmaWNTRZ) joined our forum community in 2014 and took on a role as a Dragon Ball Super sub-forum moderator in 2016; prior to the simulcast’s existence, Emma helped moderate translation-related material on the series’ sub-forum. Terez (@Terez27) joined our forum community that same year in 2016. Both serve as administrators on the /r/dbz sub-Reddit, and both have consistently recommended updates and expressed a willingness to do more with us here. Both became immediate good friends of the site, and have already begun working with us on various collaborations behind-the-scenes, all while proving their dedication to the franchise with their own impressive documentation off-site. Emma and Terez will take over as the main administrators of Kanzenshuu‘s wiki, finalizing content structures and helping to oversee its eventual launch!

Each of these four new folks are taking on what we are somewhat arbitrarily calling a “Site Contributor” role; while they are not responsible for owning and operating Kanzenshuu, we hope (and know!) that you will extend them the same support you do for the rest of us. These four folks are dedicating and volunteering their own time and talents because they believe that strongly in our mission: to spread our love and enjoyment of the original Japanese version of the Dragon Ball franchise — the single version that can be and is enjoyed across the entire planet by all types of fans — with the most accuracy and cited documentation that we can, all wrapped up in an entertaining package.

In addition to working with our new site contributors, we are equally stoked to be working with longtime friend-of-the-site Kenneth to bring his extensive background music documentation here to Kanzenshuu. We are starting small with the original Dragon Ball TV series — check out the first episode’s entry for an in-progress sneak peek — and will eventually make our way through the entire franchise. Kenneth’s work epitomizes dedication and love for Dragon Ball, and we are so appreciative to be able to incorporate it here.

Much like (a pre-Battle of Gods!) 2012 gave us the perfect opportunity to merge websites and launch Kanzenshuu, this post-Dragon Ball Super era feels like precisely the right time to huddle up and refocus our efforts. We are excited to show you what we have in the works, and can’t wait to see what the next 20 years of this website will bring!

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