Podcast Episode #0444
Published by 28 May 2018, 2:46 PM EDT

This week on the show we finally get around to scratching the surface of 2016’s Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary: Super History Book by taking a look at interviews with game producers Nobuyuki Tanaka and Toshihiro “Dragon” Suzuki! Tune in for some hilarious behind-the-scenes development stories you’ve certainly never heard before!

Episode #0444! Mike and Julian dive into interviews with video game producers Nobuyuki Tanaka and Toshihiro Suzuki from the 30th Anniversary “Super History Book”. Learn all about the 2:00 a.m. feedback sessions, getting the most out of the Famicom, running up against the anime and the manga, and teaching Akira Toriyama how to do special moves!


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