New Manga Guide Page: Serialization
Published by 03 March 2023, 1:13 PM EST

A brand-new “Serialization” page has launched within our extensive “Manga Guide,” with the goal of providing an evergreen, up-to-date page detailing all current Dragon Ball manga series in Japan.

As of the new page’s launch, these series presently include (in order of original serialization start):

  • Dragon Ball GT Anime Comic
  • Dragon Ball Super by Toyotarō
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Avatars!! by Yūji Kasai
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission!!!! by Yoshitaka Nagayama

The guide also covers Dragon Ball SD by Naho Ooishi, which originally began serialization within the pages of Saikyo Jump in 2010 before moving to a video comic series back in 2021.

The new page complements our existing “Weekly Shōnen Jump Serialization” page, which details every issue that the original Dragon Ball series was first published in.

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