Viz Dragon Ball Manga Updates
Published by 01 March 2003, 6:59 PM EST

This month’s Dragon Ball issue (Part 6, Number 2) was the last of the monthlies — Viz has apparently decided that the monthly-comic format is just not that economical for manga, and as such, the rest of the chapters (4 volumes worth, plus the end of vol. 12 and the beginning of vol. 17) will be published in their respective graphic novels only. Additionally, the graphic novels are being re-released in the new, smaller, and more-economical “Shonen Jump” format. These will be roughly the same size as the original Japanese tankōbon and retail for $7.95 each (half of what the larger ones sold for, before the price drop to $13). The new editions of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z volumes 1-7 come out later this month.

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