New Dragon Ball x One Piece Crossover Game
Published by 09 November 2008, 9:14 PM EST

While it is unfortunately not a new console game, the 40th anniversary of “Shonen Jump” brings us more crossover goodness in the form of Bandai’s new Let’s!TV Play game, “Dragon Ball Z x One Piece: Batoru Taikan Gomu-Gomu no Kamehameha ~omee no koe de ora wo yobu~” (“DragonBall Z & One Piece: Battle Sensation Gum-Gum Kamehameha ~With your voice you can call me up~”). Think of it as something like a standalone Wii game, except that you also get to call your partner for help and unleash dual super attacks.

Bandai has a commercial for it on their website which includes some actual gameplay footage:

Looks pretty neat! It is pretty difficult to find these online for order from anywhere that will ship internationally, so if you happen to find a reliable place, let us know!

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