Ayumi Hamasaki “Rule” Sales Updates
Published by 05 March 2009, 9:40 AM EST

“Rule”, Ayumi Hamasaki’s latest CD single (and the theme song for Dragon Ball Evolution), is apparently not selling so well for Hamasaki… comparatively speaking, anyway. According to Oricon, while “Rule” is Hamasaki’s 20th #1 single in a row (and her 32nd #1 single in total), it sold “barely” over 95,000 copies, and is the lowest first-week sales ever in her career.

We were planning on reviewing the song (along with its complete CD+DVD single package) on the upcoming podcast this weekend, but since it has (shockingly) not yet arrived, we will be discussing some other current news with a few familiar voices — stay tuned for that review in the near future, though!

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