FUNimation Early 2011 Home Release Plans
Published by 16 November 2010, 4:04 PM EST

Despite a re-release of the first Dragon Ball movie coming at the end of December, a new four-pack of Dragon Ball movies is due for 08 February 2011. Presumably consisting of the three original Dragon Ball movies and the franchise’s 10th anniversary movie (another re-telling of the early story combined with the Red Ribbon arc), this “remastered” pack will retail for $34.98, and is being solicited as two discs (two movies per disc, perhaps?).

The bilingual discs will of course include the original Japanese language track. There is no word yet on whether the second and third movies will be receiving an updated dub; both were recorded before FUNimation returned to dub the entirety of the Dragon Ball TV series (the second movie was actually the first thing FUNimation recorded in-house before even picking up production on “season three” of the Dragon Ball Z TV series in 1999).

UPDATE: Our buddy Marc notes for us that an upcoming trailer for the set showcases the set as indeed containing the expect four Dragon Ball movies, and will include the original dubs for the three movies previously released uncut.

A three-pack (sans the first movie) was released back in 2005 (itself re-released again in 2008 as a thin-pack), and was the first time that the second movie was available uncut and in Japanese in North America.

Additionally, we already had the third volume of Kai on-schedule for release this December, and now FUNimation has updated with a release date for the fourth set. “Part 4” (containing episodes 40-52, right before the end of the Freeza story arc) will be available on Blu-ray and DVD in North America on 08 March 2011 for the standard MSRPs of $54.98 and $49.98, respectively.

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