Mr. Satan & Majin Boo Join “Zenkai Battle Royale”
Published by 23 April 2012, 10:23 AM EDT

Originally announced back in late 2010 and more formally launched almost a year ago in May 2011, the Japanese, arcade-only, multiplayer fighter Zenkai Battle Royale has still been getting consistent updates, including the most recent revision which includes two new playable characters: Mr. Satan and Majin Boo.

Mr. Satan participates, believing all the fancy energy attacks and such to be a trick (much as he did in the original series). Amazingly (and heading into even more gag-character territory), ki attacks and energy beams have no effect on him. His attacks include high-powered guided missiles, a remote-controlled bomb, “I just remembered some urgent business!”, and “Number One!” — this last one allows him to recover his strength from the cheers of his fans.

Boo’s special ability is to replicate others’ attacks just by watching. The only special technique he starts out with is “chocolate beam”, which turns the opponent into chocolate and allows him to regain strength by punching it (if other players hit the chocolate, it also recovers his health). However, after seeing an opponent’s long-distance energy attack, he can use “Kamehameha” to replicate it, and seeing a close-range physical technique, can replicate it using “Boo Rush”. Additionally, if his health goes below a certain point, “Angry Explosion” activates, causing the people around him to be engulfed in an explosion.

This is still no word on a possible home release of the game, and with Dragon Ball Z for Kinect looking to be this year’s exclusive home console game, Zenkai Battle Royale may be sitting another year out.

Thanks to Super Saiyan Prime for the heads-up.

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  • hitiro says:

    This arcade game looks great and I would love to play it if it weren’t only available in Japan . 😥

    Does this game actually get quite a lot of updates? I can see that with it being an arcade game there would be quite a few balancing updates as they do with other fighting games but it really surprises me that this game gets such treatment with it not being mainstream like Street Fighter or Tekken. I’m also curious who is in charge of these updates, Spike do not seem to be a company who work around producing balanced arcade fighting games like Dimps are. Either way this as well as Dragon Ball Heroes are both good looking arcade games with interesting mechanics.

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