“Dragon Ball Z for Kinect” Comes to Xbox Live Games On Demand
Published by 23 April 2013, 9:11 AM EDT

With the exception of a few minor items before Namco-Bandai brought the game license back in-house from Atari, digital distribution for Dragon Ball video games has been laughably limited. A few demos have trickled out here and there (with the last one being for 2010’s Raging Blast 2), but that has literally been it.

Perhaps change is in the air, as a recent post from Microsoft’s “Major Nelson” reveals that last year’s Dragon Ball Z for Kinect is now available on the Xbox Live Games on Demand service.


The download will eat up 3.26 GB of your Xbox 360’s hard drive and will run you $24.99. The disc version will only run you $18.48 on Amazon right now, however.

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect requires the Kinect peripheral to even navigate the menu system, which includes being able to select the bonus Episode of Bardock video feature. Read our full review of the game.

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  • supersayianprime says:

    That’s really weird. Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission isn’t on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan, and Namco Bandai actually removed the Shin Budokai games from PSN when the license switched over from Atari. Given they never put Tenkaichi Tag Team on PSN (when things like PSPgo had already existed) I figured they just didn’t have digital rights to Dragon Ball …

  • zfighteramuro says:

    Oh cool, I can’t wait to not play this game. 🙄

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