New Listings For “Battle of Gods” Home Video Release
Published by 25 May 2013, 2:03 PM EDT

The Japanese blog “Movie & Drama Memo“, which reports on upcoming home video releases, has been updated with new listings for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. As of right now, the tentatively scheduled release date is set for 13 September 2013, and the film will be available in four versions:

  • Blu-ray Special Limited Edition  —  ¥9,240
  • Blu-ray Standard Edition  —  ¥5,040
  • DVD Special Limited Edition  —  ¥8,190
  • DVD Standard Edition  —  ¥3,990

There is no word just yet as to what may be included on the Limited Edition versions, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as an official announcement is released.

All dates and prices are, of course, subject to change, especially since there has not yet been a formal announcement. This is, however, our first indication of when and how the film will be released outside of cinemas. For those planning to import one of these releases, you’ll have at least a little over three months to save up for your purchase.

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