Podcast Episode #0338
Published by 08 July 2013, 7:00 PM EDT

It has been a very busy last couple of weeks for Dragon Ball. With multiple new video games on the horizon, recent manga compilations from Viz, upcoming video re-releases from FUNimation, and even international remasters of the series recently announced, it is understandable how one might think we accidentally stumbled a decade into the past. It truly is 2013, though, so tune in for some great news analysis, a review of Viz’s recent 3-in-1 edition of the manga, and a bit of calling-out Takao Koyama for some recent statements about a product he may have gotten a little too self-invested in despite not actually working on it.

Episode #0338! VegettoEX and Julian catch up on two weeks worth of news including “Battle of Z” and “J-Stars Victory Vs” gaming updates, a new streaming option in North America, new remasters coming to Spain, and “Battle of Gods” home release inclusions. A focus on Takao Koyama’s recent “Battle of Gods” statements and Viz’s recent 3-in-1 manga release wrap up the show.


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