“Ultimate Tenkaichi” Comes to Xbox Live Games On Demand
Published by 04 August 2013, 1:14 PM EDT

After the motion-based Xbox 360 exclusive Dragon Ball Z for Kinect jumped from physical disc to digital download, this past year’s Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection also joined the fray on the Xbox Live Games on Demand service.

Last week, the third and final of the most recent current-generation rehashes also jumped to the service: Ultimate Tenkaichi.


The download will eat up 5.85 GB of your Xbox 360’s hard drive and will run you $34.99. The disc version will run you a little less at $27.19 on Amazon at the moment (with the PS3 version at $34.64).

Ultimate Tenkaichi swapped up the Sparking! / Raging Blast formula a bit with two attack ranges, offensive and defensive techniques relegated to simple rock/paper/scissors battles, and a new character creation mode with its own story line. Be sure to check out our review before tossing any hard-earned money anyone’s way!

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