Supplemental “J-Stars” Character Reveals: Vegeta, Sasuke, Zebra
Published by 02 September 2013, 9:29 PM EDT

When we last left J-Stars Victory Vs, the upcoming PS3/Vita crossover fighting game, Yūsuke and Gon had been revealed bringing the roster up to ten character representing ten distinct series.

This week’s 2013 #40 issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump brings us three new character reveals, but for the first time since the game’s announcement, they are characters from previously-included series. The three new stars include Vegeta (Dragon Ball), Sasuke (Naruto), and Zebra (Toriko).


In addition, more tidbits about gameplay have been revealed, such having a third, support character in the battle, and transformations for other characters besides Goku, such as Yusuke’s demon form, Ichigo’s Hollow form, and powered-up forms for both Naruto and Sasuke.

Along with Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (360/PS3/Vita), J-Stars Victory Vs will be on display in video and playable form at Tokyo Game Show later in September.

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