“Battle of Gods” Hong Kong Home Release Coming Soon
Published by 06 November 2013, 8:26 AM EST

Hong Kong is certainly on top of things when it comes to the latest film for the franchise, Battle of Gods: after a theatrical premier just a few months back, the home video release is almost upon us.

Deltamac will be releasing the film on Blu-ray, DVD, and VCD (yes, you read that correctly!), and it looks like the release will be coming some time this month. The official Hong Kong release will include the original Japanese language track in its original 5.1 surround sound, a 2.0 stereo Cantonese dub, as well as English and Chinese subtitles.


tinlunlau, who passed along word of this release, notes that Deltamac is generally responsible for Fox distribution, which itself goes on to imply Fox’s involvement somewhere along the chain. First run copies of the movie are also reported to come with a slipcover case.

While certain countries across the world debuted the movie subtitled for its theatrical run, Deltamac’s release in Hong Kong will be the first official home video release with an English subtitle track.

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