Podcast Episode #0361
Published by 29 April 2014, 8:29 PM EDT

It’s all Bardock all the time this week on the show! Our buddy Lance joins us to really dissect the character across all of the primary media he comes from: the 1990 TV special, the 2011 manga/anime “sequel” to the TV special, and the recent bonus chapter.

Who was Bardock? Who is Bardock now? Can we even answer these questions…?


Episode #0361! VegettoEX and Gaffer Tape dissect the character of Bardock. Who did we think this character was, what has changed about him over the years, and can he even be considered one character anymore? The week’s news and “Who’s That Character?” wrap up the show!


Enjoy the show! Discuss this episode on the Kanzenshuu forum.

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  • darknat says:

    Well…. Maybe the character in Minus wasn’t Bardock at all…. he was…. Turles impersonating Bardock while Bardock was at planet Meat fighting Dodoria’s men, then Bardock came at the same time Turles and Gine sent Goku to Earth and their space pods crossed.

    The month until the planet’s destruction was just Bardock inconscious for a while in the TV special. He just didn’t notice the time that passed.

    There, everything works now 😀

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