Cover Art For Dragon Ball Kai “Majin Boo arc” Box #1 Revealed
Published by 07 August 2014, 5:25 AM EDT

Amazon Japan and Happinet have both updated their product listings with the cover art for the first box set of the “Majin Boo arc” of Dragon Ball Kai, which is set to be released 02 September 2014. This first box will contain episodes 99 to 110 of the Japanese broadcast version of the series on 2 discs and comes packaged with non-credit versions of the new opening and first ending themes, along with an exclusive booklet. The Blu-ray box is set at a ¥15,200 (~$148.00) retail price point, while the DVD set comes in a little cheaper at ¥11,200 (~$110.00).

Unlike the previous home video releases for Dragon Ball Kai (Saiyan to Cell arcs), Toei has opted to forgo any individual DVD releases and instead release each box set in both Blu-ray and DVD formats. Also departing from the previous releases, both the Blu-ray and DVD boxes will be available in widescreen formats only.

Pre-orders are currently available at both CDJapan or Amazon Japan.

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