Freeza’s “Revival of ‘F'” Evolution To Be Revealed in WJ 2015 #15
Published by 22 February 2015, 6:52 PM EST

Today’s 2015 #13 issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump in Japan notes (as the only bit of news for Revival of “F” within the issue) that Freeza’s new “evolution” will be revealed in two weeks within the 2015 #15 issue of the magazine:



In Weekly Jump issue #15, Freeza’s new evolution will be revealed…!?

Though we have been teased several times with regard to what Freeza’s new “evolution” may be (specifically with the line, “Allow me to show you… my further evolution!” in the first full-length trailer), as it currently stands we still have no real information on what it may turn out to be!

With the exception of shifted schedules due to holidays and the like, Weekly Shōnen Jump is released each Monday in Japan.

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