Translation Update: “Special Project: Toyotarō Drew It!!” Image #19
Published by 21 June 2019, 9:07 AM EDT

Each month, Toyotarō provides a drawing — as well as a brief comment — on the official Japanese Dragon Ball website. Thus far, Toyotarō has provided drawings of #8, Lunch, Chapa with Oob, Tambourine, Man-Wolf, Tapion, Janenba, Broli, Ozotto, Ginyu, Bardock, Paragus, King Cold, Bardock’s original television special crew, Onio with his wife, Shiirasu, Great Saiyaman, and Nail. For his June 2019 entry, Toyotarō has contributed a sketch of Toninjinka (the “Carrotizer Bunny”):

It’s the Carrotizer Bunny!

He was taken to the Moon by Goku as punishment for his behavior, and that Moon, with him on it, has been destroyed — twice.

I don’t know whether he’s alive or dead, but I’d like to see him use not just his technique of turning those he touches into carrots, but his skill of being able to survive(?) out in space to help Goku & co.

In one of the earliest guide books for the franchise — the Adventure Special from 1987 — Akira Toriyama is asked what happened to the nefarious Rabbit Gang once the moon is destroyed by Jackie Chun (during the 21st Tenka’ichi Budōkai); Toriyama simply responds, “They’re drifting through space.”

This drawing and comment set has been added to the respective page in our “Translations” archive.

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