“Dragon Ball FighterZ” Evo 2019 Registration Numbers
Published by 19 July 2019, 9:56 AM EDT

Dragon Ball FighterZ has received 1,191 entrants for the 2019 Evolution Championship Series (“Evo”) to be held in Las Vegas this coming August, coming in as the sixth-most-entered game.

This is down from last year’s 2,575 entrants, which at the time secured the top spot as the most-entered game in 2018. The game went on to rake in the highest viewer count for an Evo main event on Twitch with incredible moments leading up to the grand finals.

Various factors have been proposed by fans and spectators alike, including the inexplicable pulling of FighterZ from various tournaments at some official rights-holders demands (all the meanwhile having a manga series specifically about FighterZ being an esport running in Shueisha’s Saikyō Jump bimonthly magazine), the smaller number and slower pace of the second season downloadable characters compared to last year’s first season, and the amount of patches and adjustments released for the game since last year.

Also contributing are likely the discontinuation of Super Smash Bros. Melee at the main stage tournament factoring in alongside the already-large numbers of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate registrations, as well as strong showings and support for both Under Night In-Birth and the new Samurai Showdown.

Evo 2019 takes place 02 August to 04 August 2019 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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