Character Guide

Every character in Dragon Ball is important to some degree, no matter whether author Akira Toriyama forgot about them or not. That’s why our goal is to include every character possible in this guide. In the end, what would the Dragon World be without all of its crazy characters?

So now the task is upon us, to gather as much information about every character in this guide. However with there being so many characters to include, most of the character profiles listed will be quite brief, usually no more than three to four sentences.

The reality is, most fans already know a considerable amount about the main characters and the overall story. Therefore, you’re not going to find any large profiles concerning main characters, as it’s just not very practical or efficient. Some minor characters may contain more information due to their short presence in the series. When applicable, you’ll find interesting character tidbit notes detailing certain aspects about that specific character that isn’t particularly relevant to their profile.

Character Biographies

The character biographies have been organized into categories, usually by race when applicable, and then further by alphabetical order. Some categories do contain sub-categories. So for example, to find Kame-Sen’nin you follow the “Earthlings” link below and view the sub-category “Martial Artists”.

For each character you’ll find an image and any relevant character information available. Some characters may have more information than others, depending on the nature of the character (main or minor character). The information may include; name, in both English and Japanese, first appearance in both the anime and manga (if applicable), notable skills, voice actor information, and a brief profile. While many of the characters have profiles in Daizenshuu 7, many of those we’ve included do not. To distinguish between the two, any character that has a corresponding profile in Daizenshuu 7 is noted by a “D7” following their name. In addition, character profiles that were later included in Chōzenshū 4 are denoted with a “C4” following their name.