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Divine Figures

“These people of the Heavenly Realm exist in every region of the universe. Once the area that they will supervise has been decided, their duty is to always watch over that area.” — Daizenshuu 4, p.52

Karin D7
カリン (karin)
Name Pun: Karintō, a traditional Japanese snack food
First Appears: Dragon Ball Chapter 088, “Karin-sama of Karin Tower”
Dragon Ball Episode 061, “Karin-sama of Karin Tower”
Seiyū: Ichirō Nagai, Naoki Tatsuta (DBZ Episode 241)

A cat sage who lives at the top of Karin Tower, located in the Karin Holy Land. He serves as a go-between for the God of Earth and everyone else, and originally came from the afterlife. He grows the senzu and is the keeper of the large Kinto-Un from which all smaller ones come. He trains Goku to defeat Tao Pai-pai, and later gives him the Super God Water to make him strong enough to defeat Piccolo Daimaō. After that he continues to serve as an advisor to Goku for the rest of the series.

Shenlong D7
神龍 (shenron)
Name Pun: Shenlong means “Dragon God”; taken from Chinese mythology
First Appears: Dragon Ball Chapter 019, “At Long Last, the Dragon Appears!”
Dragon Ball Episode 011, “Finally, the Dragon Appears!”
Birth Year: Age 470
Notable Skills: Wish Granting
Seiyū: Kenji Utsumi, Masaharu Satō (DBZ Episode 193)

Shenlong is the dragon that appears when all seven of the Earth’s Dragon Balls have been gathered together. Shenlong, and the Dragon Balls themselves, have many restrictions and rules in place regarding the types and amounts of wishes. As a general note, be sure to know what you’re wishing for in advance, as Shenlong can become quite impatient and irritable.

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