Chōzenshū #1 Title Revealed: Story & World Guide
Published by 29 December 2012, 8:27 AM EST

The upcoming new series of “Chōzenshū” guide books revealed in the February 2013 issue of V-Jump has so far been a mystery. Other than being a series of books that would “tell everything about Dragon Ball“, we had very little to go on.

They are still mostly a mystery, but Amazon Japan gives us at least a tiny bit more to latch onto with a title for the first volume due out 04 February 2013 (alongside the first batch of new “Full Color Comics”): “STORY & WORLD GUIDE” with a list price of ¥2,200.

The title hearkens back to the titles of two information-packed “Daizenshuu” guide books from the mid-90s: number two (“Story Guide”) and number four (“World Guide”).

No cover art or listings for further volumes appear to be available just yet, but at least this guide book and the first three volumes of the “Full Color Comics” version of the Saiyan arc (seemingly priced at ¥630 a pop) should start making the pre-order rounds.

UPDATE: Shueisha’s official listing for the “Story & World Guide” notes that it will be a size B5 book, meaning it will be the same size as the Daizenshuu from the mid 1990s — all of the more recent guide books have been a smaller size.

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