Published by SaiyaJedi
09 January 2013, 9:35 AM EST

The official Battle of Gods website announced a new partnership today with Ace Cook in Japan whereby purchasing specially-branded instant noodles could win you one of 10,000 Tosho Cards — a gift card good at bookstores across the country — worth ¥500. If you lift the lid and the card is there, you have won!

The applicable products are in Ace Cook’s “Super Cup” line, which for this promotion includes the “1.5x” and “Ōmori Yakisoba” products with a movie tie-in label. Under the “1.5x” series, the types include Soy Ramen, Miso Ramen, Pork Bone Ramen, Chanpon, and Deluxe Pork & Kimchi (the last being a convenience store exclusive). Under the “Ōmori Yakisoba” series, the types include Squid Yakisoba and Chinese-Style Yakisoba.


The promotion begins 04 February 2013.

  1. mozart13x

    And… it begins (promotions)! XD

    09 January 201312:04 PM EST
  2. destro4thewin

    WOW dbfood!!!And nobody outside Japan will taste it….Cool at least the movie will be released for Europe in……..the next bad game and it will cost 60 euros…At least release it with Project J!!Make me buy a dblike game that I won’t stop playing after I finish the story mode.

    09 January 20135:58 PM EST
  3. thegoodnamesgone

    Ace cook does a lot of tie in’s for example this ryu ga gotoku 4 (yakuza 4) ramen.

    18 January 20139:17 PM EST