KFC “Hikaru! Dragon Bottle” Tie-In Promotions
Published by 31 January 2013, 9:55 AM EST

In addition to the previously-announced “Parents and Children Play Together! Mightiest Battle Goods, Round 1” items at KFC in Japan, the food outlet is going all-in with a new series of promotions.

Starting Thursday, 28 February 2013, KFC restaurants nationwide will begin a Dragon Ball Z promotion which will involve the selling of five different meals or packs that will come with a bottle with a glowing cap called “Hikaru! Dragon Bottle” with eight kinds of bottles in all. On a limited basis, they will also be selling “complete packs” with all eight included in one collection.


Seven of the bottles have a Dragon Ball (One-Star through Seven-Star Ball) as the cap, while the remaining one has a cap modeled after Goku’s hair as a Super Saiyan. The bottles themselves are made of aluminum and have a character from the upcoming film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, on the side.

  • “Hikaru! Dragon Bottle Mightiest Pack A” includes two pieces of Original Chicken, two pieces of “Colonel’s Crispy”, large French Fries, and one bottle
  • “Hikaru! Dragon Bottle Mightiest Pack B” includes five pieces of Original Chicken, large fries, and one Dragon Bottle
  • “Hikaru! Dragon Bottle Mightiest Meal C” includes one piece of Original Chicken, large fries, and one Dragon Bottle
  • “Hikaru! Dragon Bottle Mightiest Meal S” has one Chicken Filet Sandwich, large fries, and one Dragon Bottle
  • While supplies last, a “Complete Pack” will be available with all eight Dragon Bottles and an exclusive box alongside 6-piece Original Chicken

Prior to that, beginning 07 February 2013, KFC will introduce plastic takeout bags with a Son Goku design on them.


In addition, seven locations around Japan will have their statue of Colonel Sanders dressed in Goku’s dōgi, with each of them also holding a different Dragon Ball, starting 15 February 2013:

  • Abeno Q’s Mall in Osaka
  • Sapporo Esta in Hokkaido
  • Sendai Station (changed from THE MALL Sendai Nagamachi) in Miyagi Prefecture
  • Ebisu Station in Tokyo
  • Sakae (Nagoya) in Aichi Prefecture
  • Tenjin Southern-dōri (changed from Canal City Hakata) (Fukuoka) in Fukuoka Prefecture
  • San-A Main Place in Okinawa

Starting 28 February 2013, if you “Like” KFC Japan’s Facebook page, you will have access to a “which character are you?”-style Facebook app where, by answering some basic questions, you will get one of 30 responses. You can do it as many times as you want.

Between 28 February 2013 and 24 April 2013, if you buy one of the Dragon Bottle meals or one of the Dragon Ball toy Smile Sets, you will get a stamp. Collect seven stamps, and you can be entered in a chance to win one of 777 sets that include a “Dragon Radar”-shaped detector item and seven Dragon Ball keychains that react by sounding a buzzer when the detector is brought close. At the same time, if you are one of the first 200 people to submit your seven stamps at a given KFC location, you will be given a free Battle of Gods poster — it is specifically noted as a “KFC Original Poster”, but the image provided is just of the theatrical poster.


Dragon Ball has not seen promotion like this in quite a while, with one of the last toy pushes in Japan back in 2008 at McDonald’s. We cannot wait to see what else is coming our way in 2013!

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