Bardock & Coola “Zenkai Battle Royale” Details in Jan. 2014 V-Jump
Published by 07 December 2013, 10:42 AM EST

Originally teased back in the December 2013 issue of V-Jump, Bardock and (what was clearly) Coola are indeed set to make their debut in the arcade brawler Zenkai Battle Royale.

The latest issue of V-Jump — the January 2014 issue released back on 21 November 2013 — spills the beans on both new additions to the roster.


Coola makes an appearance in his fifth and final form, promising to put up a fierce fight, although his move set is not detailed this issue.

Bardock joins the fight, capable of transforming into Super Saiyan. Two of his moves are profiled: “Revenger Assault”, which is a series of blows that can follow on from even a regular hit, and “Final Spirits Canon”, a high-speed energy ball that grows faster, more powerful, and longer-range as the player’s level increases.

This marks Bardock’s second, third, or fourth playable appearance in a video game depending on your territory and classification of whether a game is technically released yet or not. The transformation was originally debuted in the “Stage 5” update for Dragon Ball Heroes in Japanese arcades, tying in with a deluge of other Bardock-related content around that same time. Super Saiyan Bardock was also unlockable via a special QR code in the international-only Dragon Ball Z for Kinect on the Xbox 360, which also contained the special video feature Episode of Bardock. Super Saiyan Bardock has also been announced as a pre-order bit of downloadable content for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Vita.

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