Second “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” Theatrical Film Trailer Released
Published by 01 March 2022, 9:36 PM EST

Following an initial teaser and a proper “first” trailer, a second trailer (literally named “Part 2”) for the forthcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero theatrical film has been released:

Text: (Original story, script, character designer) Akira Toriyama’s latest passion work

Text: Gets a globally anticipated film release

Vegeta: Don’t get carried away!

Text: Calling all superheroes!

Gohan: Who are you?

Gamma 1/2(?): We’re superheroes, carrying out orders for justice.

Gohan: Piccolo!

Gamma 1/2(?): I’m a little disappointed. I thought you’d be better than this.

Text: The ultimate Artificial Humans

Text: A secret conspiracy plot

Magenta: The resurrection of the Red Ribbon Army is at hand!

Pan: Daddy!

Gohan: Pan!

Text: A clash of superheroes

Dr. Hedo: It’s time for the hero to show up. Cool, right?

Gamma 1/2(?): Now I know which one the bad guy is!

Text: A never-before-seen evolution!

Piccolo: Gohan, show me your real power!

Text: A great awakening! And–

Gohan: I’m going to take you guys down!

Text: The birth of the ultimate evil

Hedo: Aw, crap!!

The film’s official website and media write-ups released alongside the trailer note that Piccolo’s “Potential Unlocked” (or “Dormant Power Unlocked”) form makes its debut appearance here. Said phrasing — 潜在能力解放 in Japanese — roughly matches prior usages of “Potential Unlocked” in the franchise, such as in various video games and in the original story itself referring to “unlocks” granted by other characters; Daizenshuu 7’s “Special Attack Dictionary” calls the Elder Namekian and Elder Kaiōshin’s technique “Drawing Out Dormant Power” (潜在能力を引き出す), while games in the Dragon Ball Z / Budokai series refer to its in-game transformation/ability usage (in the cases of characters such as young Gohan and Kuririn) as “Dormant Power Unlock” (潜在能力開放).

Other characters directly shown in the trailer include Beerus and Broli (the latter of which was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it inclusion in the previous trailer).

The story, script, and character designs for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero are being crafted by original manga author Akira Toriyama. Shueisha’s executive producer Akio Iyoku has noted that the movie’s story will take place after the events in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but before the 28th Tenka’ichi Budōkai, and feature the revival of the notorious Red Ribbon Army. The film’s director will be Tetsuro Kodama, who was most recently the CG Sequence Director for the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film, with Hoon Jung-jae taking over the CG Director role after being a CG effects artist in the preceding two films, Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’. The film’s theatrical score will be composed by Naoki Satō and it has been noted that the Japanese cast recorded their lines in early October 2021. The movie is currently slated for release in Japan on 22 April 2022 and in North America in the summer of 2022, although no definitive release date has been set at this time.

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