Toei Releases “Battle of Gods” Promotional Media Packet
Published by 19 December 2012, 5:14 PM EST

With only three months left until “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” hits theaters across Japan on 30 March 2013, Toei has released a packet of promotional images to various media outlets. The packet includes the film’s official poster, a piece of promotional artwork, and five screen shots from the film, all from scenes previously shown in the film’s first theatrical trailer.

When we first caught a glimpse of the film’s poster “in-the-works” it featured the troublesome trio of Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai, who were thought to have apparently been removed from the poster as seen printed in Weekly Shōnen Jump and on the official website artwork. Well, as it turns out, they are again present on this final version of the movie poster (as seen above) in the exact same spot as we saw them before, although now their original placement on the poster makes much more sense. Also now featured are two new taglines near the top of the poster, the first of which is only slightly different than what’s previously been used:

The strongest, clash.

Freeza, Cell, and Majin Boo. There is a being that transcends them all.

It is anticipated that the film’s theatrical trailer will be shown this weekend at Jump Festa ’13 in Tokyo, and will subsequently be posted on the official “Battle of Gods” website, but we’ve yet to receive official confirmation of this. In addition to selling advance movie tickets, Toei Animation will also be handing out small promotional pamphlets for the film at their goods booth, which of course has already begun circulating the internet thanks to this 2ch post. The pamphlet contains all of the information originally posted in the official website’s “Introduction” section along with short character descriptions, most notably the ones for the two new characters, but also a few old friends:

A god who governs destruction, maintaining the world’s balance. Once his wrath is incurred, he’ll destroy nearby planets and life, and is a being feared even by the Kaiō and Kaiōshin.

A mysterious man working in league with “Birusu”.

Pilaf, Shu, Mai
Small-time villains who plot to use the dragon balls to take over the world, but their plans are thwarted by Goku and co.

A few screen shots are also included with the package:

And now, the marketing push for the film has truly begun!

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  • gokuden says:

    Wow, they really are pushing it! DBZ: Rebirth!

    Is it me, or does Gohan look way older with a receding hairline, OLD-man Gohan much? Did they think they were drawing Bejita?

  • JacobYBM says:

    Awesome. I’m glad to see some media packets being released. I wonder if Kanzenshuu could try to work its way onto the list?

  • Chuquita says:

    Marketing push!! X3
    It begins.
    I am so excited for this part; the meat’s on the way and I can’t wait! :mrgreen:

  • mozart13x says:

    One finger… ONE FINGER! (check the pamphlet for SSJ3 Goku) O.O

    I just KNEW that Goku would’ve gone all out during his first fight against Bils! This means that the movie will actually be ‘very well paced’ (seeing as our hero was a mere plaything for the ‘God of Destruction’) and will last FAR longer than a mere 50-55 minutes ! :mrgreen:

  • gokuden says:

    So Mozart, you’re saying SSJ3 Goku was defeated with one finger? Sweet, that means it’s not the typical Goku doesn’t transform until the end drivel!

    I’m glad now, it means there’s another well-kept secret plot device that we have yet to uncover.

  • mozart13x says:

    @ gokuden Yup, I was initially worried that maybe Goku didn’t get the ‘chance’ to transform during their 1st fight (was defeated as a SSJ1 or SSJ2)… and would later on go SSJ3 or fuse with someone (Vegeta probably) to defeat Bils. ;D

    Glad that THAT’S not the case anymore cuz him getting beat at his BEST equals a god movie with awesome length and depth (100+ minutes?) :mrgreen:

  • mozart13x says:

    *good movie XP

  • gokuden says:

    Well, it is still a ‘god’ movie, if you know what I’m saying. 😆 SSJ3 Gojita, Base Gogeta, Gokhan, oh my gosh, gonna be so awesome. I hope the movie is 100 minutes and equates to a new manga volume like they were talking about on the prior podcast. :=

  • barunks says:

    I’m actually really curious to see how powerful Bils would be in relation to GT. Would he be able to match up against Baby or Super 17? What if Goku could reach SSj4, would he be able to take Bils down then?

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