“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” Fourth-Week Sales
Published by 27 March 2013, 2:04 PM EDT

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission for the Japanese Nintendo 3DS struggled to hang on to the charts for its fourth week, falling off the Media Create Top 20 list in the process, but still clocking in at #22 on the Famitsu sales list with another 8,924 copies sold for the week of 18 March 2013 to 24 March 2013.


This puts the game somewhere around the 131,000 copies mark, and as we noted last week, it has already far-outclassed the performance of previous handheld games for the franchise that had far longer to rake in those kind of numbers.

There is still no word on any international release of the game — which is unfortunately region-locked on the Nintendo 3DS — but you can check out last week’s podcast episode for a quick first-impressions look at the game!

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