“Revival of ‘F'” Interview Translation Catch-Up: V-Jump & Entermix
Published by 08 May 2015, 11:19 AM EDT

While Dragon Ball Super is (only?!) about two months away, we are still swimming in Revival of “F” material to cover as the movie continues its dominance in Japanese theaters and begins to make its way worldwide. Five new interview translations have been added to the site, all revolving around the new movie:

V-Jump May 2015 Issue: “Double Dragon Talk 2!!!”
A follow-up to the duo’s May 2013 V-Jump discussion regarding Battle of Gods, Naho Ooishi and Toyotaro get together once again to discuss Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”. The duo discuss their thoughts on Freeza’s return, their favorite scenes from the new film, and also contribute short comics of their own.

Naho: And also, he was far and away more scarily-strong than I’d imagined. I get the feeling that when people heard “the revival of Freeza”, most of them probably thought, “Seriously? Freeza…?” but I think once they see the movie, their impression will absolutely change. (laughs) It’s nice how he introduces himself a bit self-consciously once he changes into Golden Freeza, too. (laughs)

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V-Jump May 2015 Issue: Momoiro Clover Z Interview
In the first of two Momoiro Clover Z interviews we have translated, the group behind the film’s main theme discusses the types of ki-based techniques they wish they could use.

Takagi: For example, you get attacked by an enemy, right? So, when you don’t have any way to escape, you could stick yourself to the wall, like this. And then you’d become part of the wall yourself!

Momoka: …Eh? Takagi-san, are you often fighting in your dreams?!

Takagi: Well, it’s not so much fighting, as it is running away!

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Entermix May 2015 Issue: Momoiro Clover Z Interview
In the second of two Momoiro Clover Z interviews we have translated, the group continues to discuss their dream techniques while also discussing their favorite characters.

Momota: Gohan-kun, I guess. It’s wonderful how he has a dream of being a scholar.
Sasaki: As for me…….
Momota: The lecherous Kame-Sen’nin?
Sasaki: What?! No!! I guess I’d be a Vegeta fan; he is a prince, after all.
Tamai: That’s quite the condescending attitude. (laughs) Definitely Tenshinhan for me. He’s tall, and his name is cute and sounds delicious.
Momota: He’s a tricyclops, though. Are you really OK with that?
Tamai: What? Then, no way. (laughs)
Ariyasu: Kuririn for me. This time he’s become a policeman, and more than anything, he seems like an upstanding person, don’t you think?
Sasaki: Plus you’re both short, after all. (laughs)
Takagi: I’ll of course go with Piccolo-san. That’s because the way he wears a turban is wonderful, like Shōnan-no-Kaze.

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Entermix May 2015 Issue: Ryūsei Nakao Interview
From the same magazine, an interview with Ryūsei Nakao dives into the speed of the battles in the new film and recording such fights with the rest of the cast.

According to Freeza, he apparently “went with gold so it would be easy to grasp”, but he’s obtained an overwhelming speed and power. The developments in the battle scenes were truly so quick that our voices could barely keep up with the transitions between attacking and defending, and even Masako (Nozawa)-san and I, who have been doing this for many years, were going, “Huh? Was that my attack just now?” The recording was really tough.

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V-Jump June 2015 Issue: Ryūsei Nakao Interview
Finally, in an interview from the most recent issue of V-Jump, Nakao discusses how he tuned his vocal performance for the new film.

Obviously Freeza’s essence is the same as before, but he’s also more evolved now. I played Golden Freeza as if he were “evil perfected”. It was lots of fun putting all the emphasis on “evil” in my performance. In the last film, Battle of Gods, the story reached godly proportions, so I tried to ramp the level of evil up to match (laughs).

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