“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 25 Home Release Animation Updates
Published by 07 July 2016, 1:48 PM EDT

Likely tied to its one-month delay, the third Dragon Ball Super home video box set in Japan — released 02 July 2016contains corrections and animation updates to the series’ twenty-fifth episode from its original television broadcast last December:

The first box set (episodes 1-12) was released 02 December 2015 and contained minor animation updates in very select spots compared to the original TV broadcast, specifically in the fifth episode. The second box set (episodes 13-24) was released 02 March 2016 with no animation updates. This third box set covers episodes 25-36, wrapping up the Golden Freeza (Resurrection ‘F’ re-telling) arc and moving into the God of Destruction Champa arc with the Universe 6 vs. 7 tournament.

The series’ fourth box set is due out 04 October 2016 covering episodes 37-48.

Thank you to Ajay for compiling the video above!

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