New Translation: “Dragon Ball Super” Movie Interview with Animation Supervisor Naohiro Shintani
Published by 25 August 2018, 9:16 PM EDT

Following up previous interviews with Akio Iyoku and Tatsuya Nagamine, the Dragon Ball Official Site recently shared a new interview with Dragon Ball Super: Broly animation supervisor Naohiro Shintani.

In the interview, Shintani discusses working on the Dragon Ball franchise in such a key role for the first time, the timeline of auditions and creating promotional artwork, and much more:

There was an audition where several of us drew character designs, then Toriyama looked them all over and picked me. I drew the characters that Toriyama viewed as most important: Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma. I’ve never drawn for Dragon Ball the entire time I’ve been with Toei Animation. This was my first time, so it felt very fresh to me.

Toriyama’s style has changed from how it used to be, so it was difficult to judge what sort of style I should emulate. I believe he now only draws using his current style, so I felt I should draw with that same updated look.

There were times when I received corrections he’d made on clean copies of the designs. It seemed Goku’s look was fine, so I didn’t get any corrections on him. He mainly redrew the female characters. He’d often correct things like the body lines or faces. Since Dragon Ball doesn’t have many female characters I was under the impression Toriyama wasn’t very particular about them, so this came as a surprise.

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