Battle Power Guide

Combined Battle Power List

This is a list that combines all of the battle powers provided in the manga, TV series, movies, and official publications. All battle powers are marked and linked with their source. Any battle powers that were calculated from stated rules are denoted as such. In some instances several sources are given. More information on the reasoning behind these can be found in the manga, TV series, and databook sections of this guide.

Battle Powers in the Manga/TV Series

First Search for the Dragon Balls

The 21st Tenka’ichi Budōkai

The Red Ribbon Army

The 22nd Tenka’ichi Budōkai

The Battle with Piccolo Daimaō

The 23rd Tenka’ichi Budōkai

The Battle with Raditz

After the Battle with Raditz

The Battle with Vegeta and Nappa

The Battle on Planet Namek

The Battle with Freeza

Mecha Freeza Arrives on Earth

Battle Powers in the Movies and TV Specials

DragonBall Z TV Special: A Final Solitary Battle

DragonBall Z Movie 01: Return My Gohan!!

DragonBall Z Movie 02: The World’s Strongest Guy

DragonBall Z Movie 03: A Super Decisive Battle for Earth

DragonBall Z Movie 05: The Incredible Strongest vs Strongest

DragonBall Z Movie 08: Burn Up!! A Red-Hot, Raging, Super-Fierce Fight

Kiri Power Readings

Majin Boo’s Revival