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Prison Planet Character Names & Puns

This page serves to document and track the characters introduced in the “Prison Planet” story arc of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime. Character profiles are translated from the series’ official website.

All information, including character names and puns, provided on this page are subject to change as information becomes available. As of now, all name puns are unofficial and have not been confirmed by any official source unless noted otherwise. These puns are merely educated guesses at the most likely possibilities, and therefore should be noted as such accordingly if being cited. That being said, what few new names we have are pretty self-explanatory!


Son Goku
孫悟空 (Son Gokū)

Character Profile: A kind-hearted Saiyan who trains every day to be the strongest. He heads to the Prison Planet where Trunks has supposedly been taken.
ベジータ (Bejīta)

Character Profile: In order to rescue his son Trunks (who returned from the future), he resolves to head to the Prison Planet. He’s suspicious of the mysterious man “Fu”.
Trunks: Future
トランクス:未来 (Torankusu: Mirai)

Character Profile: He came from the future to receive training from Goku and the others on Beerus’ planet, but has now been imprisoned by someone on the Prison Planet.
マイ (Mai)

Character Profile: Came from the future with Trunks. On Beerus’ planet she cooks and does other things to help with the training, but when she learns Trunks has been imprisoned on the Prison Planet, she heads there despite knowing the risks.
Son Goku: Xeno
孫悟空:ゼノ (Son Gokū: Zeno)

Character Profile: A Son Goku from another dimension who works for the Time Patrol. He seems to be investigating the Prison Planet, but…
クウラ (Kūra)

Character Profile: Teams up with Trunks in order to escape from the Prison Planet.
フュー (Fyū)

Character Profile: A mysterious man who brings news that Trunks has been taken to the Prison Planet. Though he claims to be Trunks’ friend, his true identity is unknown. His aloof personality makes it difficult to tell what he’s thinking.
Possible Name Pun: As a character who travels across time and dimensions, “Fu” likely takes his name from the English word “future”.

フューチャー (fyū·chā)  ›  フュー (fyū)
The Evil Saiyan / Cumber
悪のサイヤ人 (Aku no Saiya-jin) / カンバー (Kanbā)

Character Profile: A mysterious warrior interred by Fu on the Prison Planet. With his astonishing power, he rampages through the Prison Planet and overwhelms Goku and company.
Possible Name Pun: A newly-introduced character in the promotional anime. Being a Saiyan, he would take his name from a vegetable; in this case, it is likely “cucumber”, as his name is simply the end of the English word in katakana with its spelling otherwise intact.

キューカンバー (kyū·ka·n·bā)  ›  カンバー (ka·n·bā)


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