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Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 3: TV Animation Part 1

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Databook Information

Released: 04 September 1995
Retail: ¥1,800 (tax included)
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
Size / Pages: JIS B5 (18.2 × 25.7 cm) / 233 pages
Catalog No.: ISBN 4-08-782753-4

Databook Contents

The third daizenshuu covers the Dragon Ball TV anime and the first part of Dragon Ball Z. This daizenshuu is graced with beautiful full-color artwork drawn by Tadayoshi Yamamuro exclusively for the guide, which have never been reprinted in any other Dragon Ball guide book. It also includes supplemental information about the anime, such as the opening and ending themes, eyecatches, filler episodes, and a look at the Saiyan’s history. Included before the table of contents is an introduction message from Akira Toriyama and the guides title page, which features the illustration from the cover of Tankōbon Volume 01. The book also features a beautiful foldout poster of the guides respective cover image drawn by Akira Toriyama. On the opposite side is a beautifully drawn poster by Tadayoshi Yamamuro, showing Son Goku as he grew up throughout the series (child, adult, Super Saiyan, & Super Saiyan 3).

Toriyama’s Introduction (read translation)
Dragon Ball Super Battle Scenes
Son Goku
Covering Dragon Ball episodes 1 to 28, this section is divided into 11 acts. These acts highlight Bulma and Goku’s search for the seven Dragon Balls, Goku and Kuririn’s training with Kame-Sen’nin, and their participation in the 21st Tenka’ichi Budōkai.
Red Ribbon Army
Separated into 10 acts and spanning Dragon Ball episodes 29 to 68, this section covers Goku’s battle with the Red Ribbon Army. These acts include Goku’s race through Muscle Tower, battle with Tao Pai-pai, storming the Red Ribbon headquarters, and his final battle with Staff Officer Black.
22nd Tenka’ichi Budōkai
Spanning Dragon Ball episodes 69 to 101, this section is divided into nine acts. These acts highlight the battle with Uranai Baba’s warriors, Goku’s search for the Dragon Balls (filler), the 22nd Tenka’ichi Budōkai, and the final battle between Goku and Tenshinhan to determine the Budōkai champion.
Piccolo Daimaō
This section is broken up into seven acts and covers Dragon Ball episodes 102 to 132. These acts are comprised of Kuririn’s Death, the battle with Tambourine and Cymbal, Goku’s first battle with Piccolo, Kame-Sen’nin’s attempt to defeat Piccolo, Goku’s training with Karin, Piccolo’s defeat, and Goku’s training with God.
23rd Tenka’ichi Budōkai
Covering Dragon Ball episodes 133 to 153, this section consists of seven acts. These acts include the appearance of Ma Junior (Piccolo) and Tao Pai-pai, the 23rd Tenka’ichi Budōkai commencement, Goku’s speedy battle against Tenshinhan, Shen’s fateful battle with Ma Junior, and Goku’s epic battle with Ma Junior.
Library of Adventure
This is a huge section filled with detailed character design sketches by Minoru Maeda of all the characters that appeared in the respective episodes covered in this daizenshuu, including anime-only characters. Some characters, particularly main characters, have many sketches included from throughout the series showcasing their various outfits and styles. Some characters also include relative items, such as the Dragon Radar, Lunch’s guns, Chi-Chi’s wedding dress, and of course, the Dragon Balls.
Dragon Ball Z Super Battle Scenes
Attack of the Saiyans
Covering Dragon Ball Z episodes 1 to 35, this section is divided into 10 acts. These acts highlight the arrival of Goku’s brother Raditz, Piccolo and Goku’s alliance, Gohan’s training with Piccolo, the Z Warrior’s confrontation with the Saiyans, and Goku’s showdown with Vegeta.
Battle on Planet Namek
Separated into 11 acts and spanning Dragon Ball Z episodes 36 to 74, this section covers our heroes adventures on Planet Namek. These acts include Freeza’s appearance, Goku’s gravitational training, Vegeta, Gohan, and Kuririn’s struggle with the Ginyu Special-Squad, and Goku’s battle with Ginyu.
Akira Toriyama Super Interview (read translation)
This is a five page interview with Akira Toriyama from 05 June 1995 at Toriyama’s home. In the interview Toriyama discusses his contributions to the Dragon Ball TV anime, including choosing Masako Nozawa to voice Son Goku, providing colors for characters that had only appeared in the manga in black and white, and his thoughts about the series’ background music.
All Story Digest
This is a handy section to glance through, as it lists all of the episodes covered in the daizenshuu (Dragon Ball episodes 1 to 153 and Dragon Ball Z 1 to 74). The episode title, airdate, main staff credits (Director, Scenario, Animation Supervisor, Art), a respective grayscale screen shot, and a short synopsis are all provided for each episode.
Variety of Dragon Ball
The “Variety of Dragon Ball” pages appear throughout the daizenshuu showcasing various aspects of the anime. If anything, they provide an interesting read, but for the most part they’re pretty self explanatory.
Dragon Ball Opening Film 1
This variety showcases the first opening of the Dragon Ball series. It breaks down the film of the opening, and gives small captions explaining what’s going on during certain frames.
Dragon Ball Opening Film 2
This variety showcases the second opening of the Dragon Ball series. It breaks down the film of the opening, and gives small captions explaining what’s going on during certain frames.
Dragon Ball Ending Film 1
This variety showcases the first ending of the Dragon Ball series. It breaks down the film of the opening, and gives small captions explaining what’s going on during certain frames.
Dragon Ball Ending Film 2
This variety showcases the second ending of the Dragon Ball series. It breaks down the film of the opening, and gives small captions explaining what’s going on during certain frames.
Anime Edition: Original Episode Guide
A list of the filler used in the anime and where it fit into the storyline. There is also a page dedicated to the history of the Saiyan race. It even draws on the movies, mentioning both Broli and Tullece.
Opening & Ending Themes 1 – Dragon Ball
This variety lists the lyrics, staff credits, and the availability (at the time) of the Dragon Ball themes “Mystical Adventure!” and “I’ll Give You Romance” (opening and ending themes, respectively).
Opening & Ending Themes 2 – Dragon Ball Z
This variety lists the lyrics, staff credits, and the availability (at the time) of the Dragon Ball Z opening and ending themes “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” and “Come Out, Incredible ZENKAI Power!”, respectively.
Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z – Eyecatch Collection
This variety provides some brief information and animation details on all of the eyecatches that were used to begin and end the commercial breaks in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

Shenlong Times Bonus Insert Pamphlet

As a special bonus for buying the daizenshuu, Shueisha included a small newspaper type pamphlet called the “Shenlong Times”. Within each of these 8-page pamphlets, there were interviews with staff members involved with Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, and fans from Japan. In the center of each pamphlet there was usually a short comic drawn by Toriyama detailing part of his life following the completion of series, or a tribute to Dragon Ball by other artists, similar to what was done with the kanzenban. Also in each pamphlet is a “Dragon Ball News” section that showcased “new” and upcoming Dragon Ball merchandise. There’s also a section called “I Love Dragon Ball”, in which famous people from Japan (or China), who love Dragon Ball are interviewed.

Shenlong Times Contents

  • Dragon Ball Anime Main Staff Round-Table Discussion – 1st Round
     — Kenji Shimizu (Fuji TV Producer)
     — Kōzō Morishita (Toei Animation Producer)
     — Shunsuke Kikuchi (Music)
     — Takao Koyama (Series Organization)
     — Shigeyasu Yamauchi (Director)
     — Tadayoshi Yamamuro (Animation Supervisor)
     — Masako Nozawa (Voice Actor; Son Goku, Son Gohan, Son Goten, etc.)
  • Akira Toriyama’s “Me These Days”
  • I Love Dragon Ball #3
     — Masaaki Satake-san (Karate Practitioner)
  • Dragon Ball News #3
     — Super Famicom’s Latest “DBZ: Super Legend of Goku -Chapter of Awakening-” (On Sale Sept. 29th)
     — “The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta” VHS Video (On Sale Now)
     — Daizenshuu 4 (On Sale October 4th)

Databook Staff Credits

It should be noted that although Akira Toriyama is listed as the author of this databook, he actually had very little involvement with the production of its content, if any at all. Toriyama makes it quite clear in most of his daizenshuu introductions that “they” (Shueisha) are responsible for putting these together, and he is often graciously humble in thanking them for all their hard work in sorting through his exhaustive series.






Art Director

田熊樹美 (フライハイト)

Jumi Takuma (Freiheit)


Original Cel Drawings


Tadayoshi Yamamuro


In Cooperation With


Toei Animation


Fuji TV



鳥山 明

Akira Toriyama




Norikazu Sakaguchi




Akinori Watanabe


Publishing House

株式会社 集英社

Shueisha Inc.


Printing House


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.