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Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Chapter 03

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Ginga Patorōru no Uchūsen

The Galactic Patrol Spaceship

Chapter Information

Premiered: 29 July 2013 (Weekly Shōnen Jump, 2013 #35) (Japanese)
29 July 2013 (Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #35 / 13-07-29) (English)
Author: Akira Toriyama

Original weekly print (Japanese) & digital (Japanese/English) versions

Chapter Synopsis

As Omori continues his examination of Jaco’s unbelievable spaceship, he asks if it is difficult to become a member of the galactic patrol. Jaco explains that they operate under the direct orders of the Galactic King, and that only a select few are chosen for such a role. When Jaco was applying, nine individuals applied for five open spots. Omori figures those odds are not too impressive, but Jaco mostly ignores him and explains how the mark of the patrol is admired by all, and feared by criminals!

Omori does not fully understand the spaceship, but seems to have a rough idea of what might be wrong. It seems that the ship generates power by shooting a beam at a specific substance, but that substance broke off when Jaco hit the moon. Omori pulls out a fragment of what was likely the special substance and heads off to analyze it. If Earth has any, Jaco should be OK… but if not, he should give up all hope of ever leaving. Jaco says his communicator was busted, too, so he cannot even call for help! Omori suggests that Jaco wander around the island while he works inside.

Jaco takes a look around but then jumps off to explore. After posing and messing up an otherwise cool display of a quickdraw, Jaco wanders back to Omori’s place for some milk. After a quick drink, Jaco wanders over to the television and turns it on to find a news program talking about the special spaceship launch coming in two days. Three of the rockets apparently failed in testing, but there seems to be enough confidence in the project thanks to involvement from the idol singer Azuki. She breaks into a pop song, which seems to thoroughly disgust Jaco… who wanders outside and still ends up muttering the catchy song to himself.

Omori comes running up to Jaco excited by their prospects. The substance is one that exists on Earth, after all! It is called “sky gold”, a very precious blue metal. They would need about two pounds of it, which would cost ¥76 million or so. Jaco cannot believe that Omori is suggesting he get a job to pay for all that, but Omori never actually said anything like that…

Neither Omori nor Jaco have that kind of money, so they will need some other sort of plan. Jaco explains that on a full tank, he could probably make two laps from headquarters to Earth. Omori figures that he would be able to at least get back home with a quarter of that amount, then, but that would still cost ¥19 million. As the two continue to ignore each others’ suggestions, Omori concludes that they should at least head into town for food. Jaco wants to come along to see for himself what humans are truly like, so Omori dresses him up in a hat and trench coat. East City has all sorts of weird people, so Jaco should not stand out too much as long as he keeps a low profile.

Chapter Notes

  • On 19 August 2013, a few weeks after its debut in Jump, the first chapter was posted for free on Shueisha’s “Jump LIVE!” app for iOS and Android as part of a month-long promotion.
  • The Galactic King appears to be of the same species as the aliens from Planet Octo in Sachie-chan Gū!! (2008), by Akira Toriyama and Masakazu Katsura. (Another very similar alien, perhaps even of the same species, appears in Heaven in chapter 426 of Dragon Ball.) The Galactic King himself was previously mentioned in Jiya (2009–2010), another joint work between Toriyama and Katsura, although it is unclear if this version has the same fantastical powers (or penchant for long naps) as mentioned in that story.
  • One of the Galactic Patrolmen standing before the Galactic King appears to be a Namekian.
  • The newscaster bears a striking resemblance to Daigorō Kurigashira, the Penguin Village school principal in Dr. Slump.
  • Unlike the Dragon Ball series, which uses the fictional “zenny” currency, Omori here mentions prices in yen. This is addressed at the end of the series, in Chapter +1.
  • Jaco’s reaction to Omori’s talk of money (that he ought to get a job) may be a reference to Savings Warrior Cashman, another Toriyama work, where an alien stranded on Earth must work to earn enough money to repair his ship and return home.
  • The “East City” (東の都 / Higashi no Miyako) that Omori refers to at the end of the chapter is apparently meant to be the same location as in Dragon Ball, destroyed by Vegeta and Nappa in Chapter 213.
  • Each issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump features short comments from the various series’ authors, giving fans a brief insight into their current thoughts, ranging from series-related announcements to trivial happenings in their personal lives. Akira Toriyama’s comments from this issue were:


    As far as I know, the authors in Jump are all a bunch of nice guys, and I really appreciate that. (Akira)

    Toriyama’s comment may have been in response to the comments from Nisekoi author Naoshi Komi in the previous issue.

Page Breakdown

The majority of the Dragon Ball (and Jaco) series was drawn in black and white, but every once in a while the fans were graced with some color pages. This breakdown will take a look at how many colored, red and gray scale, or black and white pages appeared in this chapter.